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Javara Farm Cultivating Sustainable agriculture is on agricultural hub in the part of Central Java. Our Business model is producing and trading agricultural commodities. We work with farmer groups in the districts of Jepara, Kudus, Demak, Pati, Rembang, Grobogan, Semarang, Boyolali, Pekalongan, Temanggung and Magelang. The main commodities we produce and trade are coffee, corn, peanuts, cassava, vanilla and porang. We establish trade with local MSMES, Local trader and traditional markets.

The land we manage covers an area of 13 HA located in Jepara Regency with coffee and cassava as the main commodities. We trade and partner with local farmer groups in Central Java Indonesia.

Javara Farm is a bussiness unit of CV. Javara Raya Indonesia of Central Java, Indonesia. In developing agricultural businesses, we realize how important and environmentally friendly approach is. Therefore, we collaborate with educational institutions and non-governmental organization in Central Java region thet have the capacity in sustainable agriculture such as Muria Kudus University, Jendral Sudirman University, Sebelas Maret University, Unisnu Jepara, Yayasan Kerukunan Tani Muria and Lembaga Pengembangan Tekhnologi Pertanian.

Javara Farm is your trusted partner for providing sustainable food.

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